Communication. Easier. Simpler. Better.

Manage your business network and information with an easier, simpler, better solution.

Innovative thinking and assertion to create and embrace change have allowed CQ to develop and deliver a unique network management platform - Nimbus, and IT managed services as viable options for small- to medium-sized businesses. This total solution gives you a competitive advantage at a competitive price. CQ is keeping it simple. Simple Communication.

The customer comes first.

Sure, technology is important. But, combining technology with great customer service and great business processes is far more critical. With customer care and support almost nonexistent in today’s world, CQ makes it simple.

Innovation when you need it most.

Small businesses have been ignored too long. Now, enterprise-scale benefits are provided to the small- to medium-sized business owners in a cost-effective manner.

Technology made simple.

Technology can be complicated with data, voice and video all residing on your network. CQ makes it “simple”. When you work with us, there’s no finger pointing or searching for someone to help. You make one call to CQ. Simple.

Improved performance and superior service.

Performance is more than just technology. It's also about value. And the value of your price/performance ratio is drastically improved with Nimbus by CQ.

Improved Performance, Innovation & Superior Service

- Performance is more than just technology and innovation, it is also about value.

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Our solution to fragmented communications technology...

Nimbus Network Management Platform

It’s simple….Need the right business tool to improve your network and improve call quality?

Nimbus from CQ a powerful business solution that includes a network readiness assessment, built in file server, robust no license IP-PBX with SIP services on board and also a monthly monitoring tool to ensure your networks reliability. Nimbus delivers optimal solutions with robust applications that is simple.

Network Management

- Every Nimbus system includes a VoIP readiness test and the ongoing monitoring of your voice network. CQ proactively and continuously monitors the voice network that Nimbus is installed within, ensuring maximum performance and reliability of the network after installation.

IP PBX Solution

- Each Nimbus system is capable of handling 100 VoIP connections at a time, with no per phone licenses. SIP trunks are provided to handle your call volume and are billed at a monthly rate. This phone solution comes with a borage of features.

File Server & Cloud Backup

- Nimbus is also a secure, on-site file server for saving files and accessing them from any computer. Secure and off-site cloud backup is available for data saved on the file server.